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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuna pasta salad, who knew.....

So, I made some tuna pasta salad for dinner and it seemed to be a hit.... with Watson. He had several scoops and then was begging for more when I was eating. (After all, who doesn't like mayo and tuna?) It seems like the Reglan is doing its job and that sleeping all day has given him some pep tonight. He's resting comfortably now with a Tivoed version of the Daily Show blaring in the background. His next dose of Reglan should come around midnight since it's every 8 hours, but we may cheat a bit and give it to him early since I hope to be dead asleep by then... Anyway, today was another one of those rollercoaster days that unfortunately started out going straight down. My hope is that tomorrow morning will be much better.

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