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Friday, August 10, 2007

Speaking of that pain in my gut

So it's closing in on 7pm and Watson has not eaten since breakfast this morning. I tried to leave him alone for most of the day, but as of a few hours ago, I decided to try and feed him. No luck. The good news is that he is still drinking water so dehydration is not an issue. But since he is not eating, I tried to syringe feed his Reglan to him with only 50% luck. I ended up wearing at least as much went down his throat. I'm waiting for Rich to get home from work so we can wrestle him long enough to get the pill into him. In the meantime, my fridge is piling up with Tupperware containers of ground turkey, beef, boiled chicken, and various bits of fish.... oh, and hot dogs.

I'm still trying not to panic. The good folks on the Canine Cancer Yahoo group are telling me to wait a few days to see if he perks up. A few days? I know what they mean, but like I said before: it seems like there are good seconds and bad eternities. For anyone who is reading this, please say a prayer or light a candle or send a positive thought out in the universe for Watson. Everyone in the Frembes household needs as much positive energy as we can get.

P.S. A hello to Graham's mum/Prince's grandmum who has started reading this blog. I thank you for your interest and Watson did get his extra kisses. It's good to know that Watson has friends across the pond!

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Kerrio said...

Hello Waldo,

Graham sent us over to take a peak at your blog. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, and hope that today is a good day.

Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co