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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling better

The Old Man slept soundly through the night once more. He seemed more energetic this morning and got out of the bed for the price of 2 stinky, dried salmon treats. After some coaxing, he had a good amount of boiled chicken and rice, and almost an entire fried egg. We did encounter some troubles when it was time to pill him. He's still on metronidazole and sucralfate and, due to the coating action of the sucralfate, I like to like to give him the metro first.

Our last trick of pasting the pill into his mouth with peanut butter was a lucky accident. He wasn't interested in the PB today but after several attempts, the metro pill had crumbled into nothingness. I didn't even try with the sucralfate since the pill the 3x the size. I plan to get myself to the pet store to pick up some Pill Pockets. The lovely woman at Paw Planet told us about them a while back; supposedly they are like magic and make it easy to pill a dog. At $8.99 for 35 treats, these pill pockets better be like magic!!

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