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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday evening's hospitalization update

Rich and I made another pilgrimage to Tufts-Walpole and arrived around 5:45pm to see the Old Man. I brought one of his towels from home so that he could have it in his kennel tonight. I was so very surprised when they opened the door to the hallway and there he was!! He was up and on his feet walking on a temporary leash. They had an open IV in his arm (but not hooked up to anything, not sure what you would call that) and they had his tail wrapped in blue bandages to keep it clean. He looked like quite the fashion king. =)

We got to spend some time with him in an exam room before the doctor came in to speak with us. He was much more alert and stable on his feet although he was emitting a foul fragrance from the rear and was still licking his lips (sign of nausea). Dr. Evason said he was doing much better and his stool was more brown with less blood and mucous (but still watery). He will stay another night and have his ultrasound tomorrow. That should tell us if the bleeding is an ulcer or is due to the lymphoma.

Overall, it was a very good visit. I was so very happy to see him up and about. He was eager to follow me out the door to the waiting room, so I had to do the fake-out and pretend like I was going with him back to the kennel area.

My spirits are lifted; temporarily, I know, but I'll take it. There are still larger questions like the timing of his next chemo treatment, how we will feed him without using rich foods, how we can control the nausea, etc, etc. Honestly I can't think of these things right now... I'm just picturing my Old Man standing in the hallway when they opened the door.... and his tail wagging despite being wrapped from end to end.

With this I will head upstairs to bed. Thanks to all for the love and support sent our way this weekend. Until tomorrow......

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Graham & Prince said...

Great news - I'm delighted he seems to be responding well!