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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

damn it... eating grass again

I just took Watson outside for a wee and he started eating grass again.  NOT a good sign… means that he has stomach upset or is nauseous.  We absolutely cannot start this cycle all over again…  Just called NEVOG and am waiting for a call back to see if I can start him on Reglan again.  Not sure if there are drug interactions with the metro or the sucralfate so don’t want to medicate him without clarifying first.  Luckily I have the Reglan from before and can start him on it ASAP as soon as I know I can. 


Very sad.. and frustrated.  The Old Man needs a break.  We started him in this journey with the hopes that we could give him QUALITY days; not quantity.  I know that so far the good days have outweighed the bad, but the balance is tipping dangerously close to the middle.  I am no longer fearful of letting him go… I just hope that I am strong enough to see him through to the end.  I hate to see him suffer, even a little bit, and I admire those who can see the big picture without getting mired into the tiny heartbreaks that happen when their dog doesn’t eat, or when they are sick to their stomachs, or when they are too lethargic to lift their heads, or when they are so thin they can’t stand straight by themselves.  Watson isn’t at the end stages just yet, so you can see that my fear and imagination get the best of me sometimes.

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