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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I see your boiled chicken and raise you one ground sirloin...

I went to the store and have armed myself for now and future canine culinary needs. Tuna? Check. Rice? Check. Ground beef? Check. Rich went to the market yesterday and got the cottage cheese. Check. However, my recent attempt at boiling beef and rice was met with mild interest. The site of ground sirloin floating around in a pot with rice sort of made me queasy so the least he could have done was have more than 3 bites!! Again, trying not to panic... he's still drinking lots of water and keeping it down, so I will consider that a major victory.

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Graham & Prince said...

Sorry to add to your growing list of cooking chores - but have you tried risotto rice cooked as for a normal risotto but with only chicken stock? It should be bland, yet creamy, and may just convince Watson that eating's good again!

Best of luck,

Graham, Prince & Tilly xx