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Friday, August 10, 2007

Can't party like we used to

So, we had Rich's co-worker over for dinner last night. He's visiting the office from his home base in Vegas so we thought it would be good to treat him to a home-cooked meal. With all the activity of a guest, Watson is completely tuckered out today. Mind you, Watson basically spent alot of time standing and staring but that is alot of activity for him.

As a result of the tiredness, he didn't drink enough water overnight and actually slept all night and woke up dry. While I should be happy about the dryness, it may mean that he's dehydrated. He's back to being lethargic and not eating this morning. I try not to panic when this happens, but I always get a pain in my gut when he turns his nose up at any food. So far, I've offered chicken and salmon with no success and beef with limited success. Then again, I also forget that he's allowed to be picky and his disinterest could be nothing. However now that I look at his actions through a cancer lens, it changes how I (over)react to everything.

Today is the first day that he is off prednisone for good. The pred was good at propping up his appetite so I may have more these days ahead of me. Better stock up on my meats now....

I just posted a cute video of Watson from Wednesday. He had stolen Waldo's bone and was searching the house for a place to hide it. Click here to see the video of Watson "burying" his bone. (FYI - the file is an 18mb AVI file.) Enjoy!

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Graham & Prince said...

Hi Linda,

I'm sorry Watson's having a bit of a rough time at the moment - I can understand totally how you feel. You do really well to keep your sense of humour - it says a lot about you.

Watson really is gorgeous - my Mum's following his progress now too and says to send a big kiss for his 'velvet' ears!

I think you're doing a great job....

Love & support to you all,