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Saturday, August 11, 2007


It was a rough night for all. Turns out that Watson's latest bout of lethargy and gastritis is a result of his scavenging a pork chew from the little basset. I swear I had picked up all the rawhides and pork chews, but he must have found a remnant somewhere. (Damn that hound nose!)

The vomiting began around 4am and has continued through the morning. From what I can gather, it looks like he may have swallowed a small piece that's been churning in his stomach all day yesterday. That would explain why he was not eating yesterday and I do regret giving him his usual dose of Reglan, which may have delayed the vomiting. Mind you, if he were not a cancer dog, I would be scolding him and telling him "TS for you; you did this to yourself!" But since he obviously has much bigger problems, I am only shaking my head at him and perhaps wagging a finger when he is not looking.

I've put a call into NEVOG to see how I should treat him. Judging from the smell, his stomach is quite sour at the moment. He's wanting water, but can only hold it down for about 30 minutes. Usually you are supposed to fast a dog who has stomach upset, but again with the cancer, I am not sure what I should do. I'm waiting for a call back from the vet.

And thank goodness for the little green Bissell. This mechanical miracle makes cleaning up all manner of canine fluids so much easier. If you have a pet, you must absolutely have one of these!

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