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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hospitalization update

Got a call this morning from Dr. Michelle Evason, internal medicine specialist at Tufts, with an update on the Old Man. He's doing better this morning. The IV fluids have helped his BP and heart rate come back to normal. The biggest issue is that he is still bleeding out the back end. They have him on Anzement for nausea (stronger than the Reglan) and metronidazole (antibiotic, also known as Flagyl). Dr. Evason added Sucralfate, an ulcer medication that coats the intestinal tract to protect the wound from stomach acid and enzymes.

I must have misunderstood the doctor last night about the ultrasound. They don't do ultrasounds on the weekend, so the next big development will not be until Monday when they can have a look at the cause of the bleeding.

We'll go see him this afternoon after we take care of some things around the house. More updates to come.

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Graham & Prince said...

Oh Linda, both me and my mother have been in tears reading your last couple of posts - I do hope that dear little Watson improves. It's such a hard time - sometimes you wish that someone else could make the decisions for you. All you can do is trust your heart and let Watson tell you when he's had enough. As you say, it's so hard not to be selfish, but you clearly love him so much I'm sure you'll know the right time to give him a last kiss goodnight. After all, he'll always be with you regardless of where you both are phyically. Lots & Lots of Love & Support, Graham, Prince & Tilly xx