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Thursday, August 16, 2007

dark day

So I just spoke with Watson’s regular vet about his inappetance (he’s had 1 ounce of baby food and a forkful of tuna today) and she says that, unless we can indentify an underlying cause to his lack of eating, then there is nothing else to treat.  Then it becomes a quality of life issue.  She says we can go the feeding tube route but I will not do that to him….


I also called the onco who did not have encouraging things to say….. the purpose of tomorrow’s visit would be to determine the next course of treatment.  It is not an encouraging sign that he is nauseous/not eating 3 weeks after chemo.  That means it’s not the chemo so something else is causing it; that something else could be other organ involvement, the spread of his disease, or something totally different…  The chemo drug options are either more aggressive drugs to trigger a longer-lasting response (but may make him more sick), or drugs that are less effective but may help manage his condition. 


But there is no cure, and we would be right back to where we are right now in a matter of weeks.  Yes, MAYBE months… but most likely weeks.  I do not want him to suffer… and as I look down at my feet and see him too tired to lift his head when I pet him… my gut tells me that the end is near.  He is tired and not feeling well, not eating despite drugs… and I never, ever want to repeat the weekend we had last weekend.  He will never be whole and strong again… and I can’t sit here day by day and watch him waste away.  He has not had a real meal in a week.  Should I wait until it’s two?  Or three?  No.  no.


Rich is calling the regular vet back since I’m not sure I could hold myself together to sound lucid.   I am sitting here as still as possible because if I move, I am afraid I will shatter into a million pieces.


Lesley Rigby said...

Dear Linda,

I have just read your latest blog and I felt compelled to write to you personally. I check so many times each day to see how you and Watson are getting on and Graham and I discuss your updates regularly. My heart goes out to you tonight because you love Watson so dearly and life must be so very wretched for you. What would you want for yourself if you felt so very, very ill? I hope and pray that Watson starts to eat again but you have to speak for him as he can't speak for himself. Having known you through this blog you restore my faith in humanity. To find someone who is so full of goodness and kindness in such a bad world is wonderful. Watson is the luckiest boy and without a doubt he knows it. He is very beautiful and if he looked at me with that face I would also melt. Kiss those velvety ears from me. I wish I could still kiss "My baby's" velvet ears (Prince) which I loved so much. I don't think I will ever get over him because he was my everything but I know his suffering is over and for that I am glad. You and your family aren't alone you have touched the hearts of everyone.I hope that when I read your next blog Watson is tucking in again!! Lots of Love, Lesley xxx

Graham & Prince said...

I can't express how sorry I am about everything that's happening to you and Watson. I truly understand what you're going through, and the numb, crushing, feeling that goes with it.

I'd love to be able to wave a magic wand and make everything OK (oh how I wish I could have done this for Prince), but if I can do anything just drop me a line via

Love and Support,

Graham, Prince & Tilly xxx