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Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday morning hospitalization update

Dr. Evason at Tufts called promptly at 9am with good news. Watson had a good night last night. There's been a decrease in diarrhea (none since 8pm last night!) He'll get his ultrasound either late morning or early afternoon and, depending on the results, he may be able to come home tonight. I know as of yesterday they were offering him water, but I am not sure if he has eaten yet. I'd like to see if he can keep down any food before he returns home. As much as I miss him, I don't want to try and feed him and then start this horrible cycle over again.

I also called NEVOG to cancel his chemo treatment for tomorrow. I haven't specifically been told, but I would guess that he needs a few days of food and rest before being subjected to a round of chemo. Unlike human doses that make you sick right off the bat, canine chemo is a lower dose so the effects are not as dramatic. However, those drugs do target fast-growing cells in the body like cancer cells, skin, hair and GI cells. Again, I don't want to get him healed up only to start this cycle over again so quickly.

I plan to visit Tufts today around 4pm to see the Old Man and to discuss his ultrasound results with Dr. Evason. Keeping my fingers, toes, paws and claws crossed......

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