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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can we just catch a break?!?!?

On the 40-minute drive to the vet's office, Watson managed to retch once but not actually produce anything. He was weak and a bit disoriented so I had to carry him up the front steps and into the exam room. In all, he's vomited about 8-9 times so far today. Dr. Delbecq, our regular vet, was working today; she usually has Saturdays off but had switched with her partner since his daughter was getting married today. Anyway, it was good that it was her since she's been his vet since we adopted him.

She ran an in-house CBC and his workup came back all in the normal ranges. Her in-house capabilities do not show individual breakdowns under specific categories like white blood counts, but the overall picture is that his blood is fine. And because I didn't actually see him ingest a rawhide or pork chew, we had to assume that this GI distress is just a mystery.

She took extra blood to send out to a lab for a full CBC; results will be back on Monday. She administered 300ml of sub-cutaneous (sub-Q) fluid while we were there and gave him an injection of 5mg/ml metoclopramide (Reglan) and 10mg/ml famotidine (Pepcid AC). She sent us home with fluid that I will need to administer tonight and tomorrow, as well as several shots of each of the aforementioned meds to get us through the weekend.

He vomited once more when we got back home, and now seems restless. He's lying in his bed but keeps lifting his head every 30 seconds. I'm not sure what that means, or if it means anything really. He still has a small pouch of fluid that has drifted to his left side, so that may be making him feel weird when he lies down.

So here we are with a beautiful Saturday almost at an end. I wish we could just catch a break so that I can catch a glimpse of summer before it's over. We lost our cat, Crusty, on June 29th, so it seems like illness has hung over our family for a few months now. Between the sick pets and trying to run a business, I feel stretched thin and nearly transparent.

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