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Monday, August 13, 2007

!!!! He's HOME !!!!

I drove to Tufts thinking it was going to be a visit with Watson and a discussion with Dr. Evason about his ultrasound. I know she had said he "may" be able to come home today but I didn't want to get my hopes up. She came out to the waiting area and asked me "do you want to bring your boy home today?" I was ecstatic. He did so well today that he was discharged to me around 4:30pm. He's not had any bowel movements since 8pm yesterday and has kept water in his belly more than once. All in all a good sign.

As always, he did well on the ride home. We hit rush hour traffic on the way back so it took over an hour to get back. He was very relaxed though and seemed very comfortable. As you can see, he is sporting a very fetching pink bandage from the hospital.

As soon as we arrived home, he had several visits to the water bowl as I was boiling up some chicken for him. He had a few bites of chicken and homemade broth before retiring to bed. Over the next few days, he can look forward to bland meals and plenty of rest. He's also on oral metronidazole and sucralfate for the next 5 days.

His next chemo treatment was supposed to be tomorrow, but I have put that off for now. The abdominal ultrasound showed nodes on his spleen (which we knew) and enlarged nodes in his intestinal tract. Dr. Evason said that could be from the inflammation or from lymphoma. Hard to know for sure.

Either way, I am so happy to have the Old Man home, resting comfortably in his little bed.

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Graham & Prince said...

That's such good news - and he looks very proud of his pink bandage! I'm delighted for you all!

Thanks for your feedback about the vaccinations. She only had one shot, but it is designed to vaccinate against about seven different types of virus - so it sounds like what you are referring to. Hopefully she'll be brighter in the morning. Typically, I've just put her to bed, and she was showing small signs of improvement then. I'll wait to be woken up by her wanting to play in an hour or two!