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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eat, damn you....

The Old Man is resting comfortably but still not really eating. He's had a few licks and bites of things, but isn't all that interested in actually eating like a normal dog. So far, I've tried toast (a few bites), cottage cheese (no thank you), boiled chicken (*sniff*), and even a scoop of Innova EVO wet food. Oh, and for those who are wondering how I have to time to parade this buffet of blandness across his nose, I work from home and have very wonderful clients who don't micromanage. If I get my work done on time, then it's all good.

Got a call this morning from Dr. Delbecq, our local vet. She says to let him nibble today and don't fall into the trap of offering richer foods. She says that dogs can maintain their blood sugar over the course of several days, so there is no high risk of him becoming hypoglycemic if he doesn't eat soon. If he hasn't eaten anything significant by Thursday morning, then I will need to give her a call. Otherwise, I should continue to offer him the bland foods and try not to get offended that he doesn't like my cooking.

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