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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dry dry dry

Folks, it's a dry morning in our household. We all randomly awoke at 3am so I scooped Watson downstairs and out for a wee. The mid-night break seemed to do the trick as he awoke again at 7:30am dry as a bone. He seems to have slept well afterwards, slowly ejecting himself from his bed until he was half on the floor and half still in bed. When I pat him on the head to get up, I barely got the crack of an eye open. He's always been a heavy sleeper, and the cancer/chemo makes him even more lethargic than normal.
After a hearty breakfast though, he followed me outside and laid in the grass as I pulled some weeds in the garden. He looked like quite a regal beagle in the shade. I have noticed that he's thinned out somewhat and lost a bit of muscle tone. He's eating like a horse, so I am hoping that with some short walks during the day, we can get some of his muscle back. It also could be that his spleen is not as enlarged and therefore he looks less bloated. I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but it does look like the spleen has gone down a bit and his "preggo" belly is gone.
Overall his energy is quite good. I know this is all temporary but I can't help being happy about how he's doing.

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