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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Star light, star bright.....

When Watson first passed away, the moderator of the Canine Cancer forum sent me a link to this web page by Doug Coulter. We've had rather cloudy, gross weather here lately so I haven't had a clear night where I could do this exercise. Last night was our first clear night and... it worked... I saw Watson's STAR.

Of course he was on my mind as I fell asleep last night and on my mind first thing in the morning today. That has been my new normal since he left this world. I do miss my boy, especially during our nighttime ritual of preparing for bed.

About a year and half ago, Watson slipped while going upstairs and fell most of the way down. He was unhurt but quite shaken. Ever since, he was reticent to walk up the stairs by himself so Rich or I would carry him up. If he and Rich were to go upstairs first, then Watson would always wait at the top of the stairs for me, looking down to see where I was. So when I head upstairs for bed, I am still jarred by not seeing him in the doorway at the top of the stairs... waiting... looking for me....

So last night I looked for him and saw his STAR. I can't tell you how much comfort that is for me.

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Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

That's absolutely wonderful - it's good to have a physical reminder that he's always looking out for you, and vice-versa. Take care, G, P & T xxx