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Monday, July 30, 2007

You're Number 1

Oh what a beautiful morning.... nothing like sleeping late and almost missing the trash guy. Good thing Rich has those long legs -- all the better to get himself and the bin to the end of the drive faster.

Meanwhile, I thought it was curious that Watson was sleeping so well. In fact, I always have a rush of panic when I see that he hasn't moved in a while. At last check at 4:30am, he was sleeping on his side in his favorite orthopedic bed. Same for 7:30am too when we all sprang out of bed at the sound of the trash truck. I grabbed the water bowl and thought I'd wake him up for a drink when... well, let's just say that it was a moist experience. Not that Watson needs me to air his dirty secrets in public, but he'd had some bladder control issues in his sleep. Not sure if this is because of meds or because he's just old.

So, upon waking him and cleaning him up, it was "buh-bye" to the dog bed (into the trash it went) and hello to the tub. Both boys got a bath first thing this morning (pre-coffee, by the way). Watson because of his accident and Waldo just because he's small and easy to clean.

On another note, Watson has developed a rabid hunger that has increased since last night. He seems to want to eat ALL the time. I can feed him every hour and he would still eat a full meal. He’s even stalking Waldo to try and steal rawhide/bully sticks right from his mouth. Although Watson is a beagle and has always been a good eater, I’ve never seen him quite this bad.

Besides the chemo on Friday, he’s on 1,000mg Omega3 fish oil twice a day. The onco stepped down his Prednisone from one tab to half tab this week; that will go down to a quarter-tab next week. And I recently started him on 140mg of milk thistle for his liver function yesterday. I've posted a question about his new-found need to eat on the Yahoo Canine Cancer forum and will see what they have to say.

In the meantime, back to work as my newsletter is due today.

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