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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Long day already

I am late posting this morning because I woke up and hit the ground running. I covered a step class at the gym this morning at 8:30am, so I got the boys up early to get them fed, get Watson medicated, pooped, peed, etc.

We had an uneventful overnight. I set my alarm for 2am, but he woke up before then and ran to the door. After that pee break, I set my alarm for 4:3oam. When it went off, he was sleeping so soundly that I had to consider whether or not to wake him; I did wake him though since it's important to keep his water intake up. If he sleeps and doesn't drink, then we'd be dealing with dehydration later in the day, especially since it's literally supposed to hit 90 degrees later.

After class, I rushed home and at first it seemed all was well. There was a small accident on the rug, but at least he waited until we got outside to unleash the butt fountain. I need to call the vet again to see if I can up his dosage of Immodium. He's on 2 pills 2x a day, but I'm thinking he may need it 3x day. Poor guy -- can you imagine if that were you??

Now, I am waiting for a conference call to start. Watson is resting in the living room and poor Waldo is still in his pen. He's been on a destructive rampage lately and keeps harassing the Old Man, so in the pen he will stay until I can take him for a long walk.

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