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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Smells like dog farts....

Okay, so my sensitive sense of smell is mostly a blessing, except for right now... The chemo drugs make Watson's digestive tract a little flukey and, as a result, he just keeps farting... and farting.. and farting.. And anyone who has smelled a dog fart knows how bad it can be. Please someone tell me where to get a dog fart filter for the air conditioner.

Physically, he seems okay this morning. Appetite is good despite the obvious GI distress. He's laying on the cool tile floor in the hallway right now and seems to be breathing okay. I am worried about the impending hot and humid weather, which will make his breathing a bit more labored. We have several window ACs, but those can only do so much on a really hot, humid day.

Speaking of distress, a bug hug and hello to Mels and to Jayne for their non-pet related troubles. I'm thinking of you both.....

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