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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quiet morning...

Success! Hope and happiness this morning. Watson and I finally got our first full night's rest in almost 2 weeks. The diarrhea is under control and now that he's on a half-tab of prednisone, there isn't a need for a bathroom break every few hours. I still awoke at 3am in a quick panic. I was a tad confused since we both slept in the bedroom last night (as opposed to the living room) and for a moment I thought the past few weeks were all a weird dream. Then I realized what and where... I looked over at sweet Watson in his dog bed, curled up and fast asleep like old days. It took me almost an hour to fall back asleep because I just kept staring at him trying to burn that moment into my memory. He's slept by my side for the entire time we've had our house, so I can't imagine the day when I will look over from my bed and he won't be there....

He's feeling better after his Elspar and Lomustine treatments yesterday. Resting comfortably after a big breakfast topped off by some pumpkin to make sure the GI tract stays happy. I'm actually catching up on work and, of course, blogging. Even baby Waldo is being good this morning!

Rich just called. He's landed in Boston from his Seattle red eye; it will be good to have him home.

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