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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm a walkin' man....

So started the day off much like yesterday -- moist. I set my alarm for 5am but forgot to turn the damn thing ON.... argh... so I got up with Rich's alarm at 6:15am only to find that Watson had once again broken his threshold. Not his fault though. With the prednisone making him drink more water, he simply can't hold the increased volume overnight. Today was much less of a leakage, so it was easier to clean up. I'm headed out today to Petco during my lunch break to see if puppy piddle pads would work for him. I'll try that with the combination of waking up earlier to take him outside.

After the clean-up, I fed him his usual breakfast (although he is still ravenous and wanted to eat much more) and then we went for a stroll down the drive and around the neighborhood circle. We had to stop a few times for him to catch his breath (it's humid out too) and another few times for him to smell the proverbial roses (more like some other dog's poo and some roadside trash). All in all I think he had a good time out. He's sleeping on the floor of my office right now, snoring away. C'est la vie.

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