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Thursday, July 26, 2007

When you gotta go.....

So it's been another busy morning. Watson is experiencing the full after-effects of his first round of chemo, which means diarrhea every hour or two. We were up several times last night, each time he'd run to the door and I would hop off the couch and race to the door ahead of him. I am thankful that he has the mental acuity to try and let himself out. If he could just learn to work the doorknob, that would be great. =)

I sent Waldo off to daycare this morning in Millbury. A colleague from the gym brings her dog there and told me some great things. Waldo can go and get a day's exercise with other dogs and Watson can have some peace and quiet at home. While I was waiting to check Waldo in, I met a nice lady named Jenny who was bringing in her dog Molly for daycare. Jenny told me that her dog Weasley (sp?) was diagnosed with lymphoma too and did the 3-drug treatment. He was younger (7 years old) but despite the higher level of chemo, he didn't make it. However, she was very supportive and encouraging. I asked her if she would do chemo again and she said "yes, absolutely". She also reassured me that this period of colitis with Watson was temporary and the side effects of the chemo would subside over time. I just need to keep him eating and drinking.

Of course, I was in tears while I was talking to her, but it gave me alot of hope. It seems so dark right now... I hate seeing him in discomfort and I wish I could explain to him that this period of discomfort is a path to him feeling better soon. Despite the rough night we had last night, it seems like he is resting comfortably. Every once in a while, he pokes his head out of the living room and looks down the hall to see if I am still here. I love that look, and it tells me that he's still here.

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