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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's 12:44pm and I am sitting down to my first real meal of the day.(Thank you, Lean Cuisine.) I am enjoying the stillness right now. Watson is napping by my chair, Waldo is napping on the dog bed behind my chair, and the house is just silent. Watson seems like he's having a middling type of day.... he's eating his chicken and I have managed to get his Pepcid and his Immodium in him.

I realized that I was also writing about all the negative things that are happening with him.. when really what I am trying to do is see him and enjoy him. He had the cutest little tail wag for me when I came home from the gym. He did his old man stagger walk (normal) down the hall and had this tiny little tail wag. When we first adopted him, I swear his tail couldn't wag as he never did. Then one day, he started wagging it. It was a few months after he came to our family, but I remember being so happy about that. That this oddball abused dog was settled enough to wag his tail and be happy for once.

So, I am thinking about that wag as I smile and type.

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