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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another good morning

Thank goodness, Watson is having another good morning. He slept through the night (we all did) and woke Rich up at 7am to be let out. He must have tried me first but I was sleeping like the dead. So far, he's had not one, but TWO breakfasts and is currently begging Rich for some eggs off his plate. The Elspar & CCNU treatment on Friday doesn't seem to have phased him very much. No vomiting, no more diarrhea, and his appetite is good.

Rich and I are hopefully heading out to do some errands. I haven't been out of the house in a leisurely fashion in over a week. Each time I was headed out was to run to the market to get something to help Watson or was shuttling Waldo to doggie daycare to get him out of the house so Watson could get some rest. In fact, Watson is so stable that we are even thinking of going to a movie. It will be nice to be out for a few hours and not be worried that Watson's colon is ready to blow.

Here's to another quiet, uneventful day (and hopefully many more of these to come.)

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