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Monday, July 30, 2007

Some new Watson photos

Haning out in the living room on his favorite dog towels....

Begging for food, even though Rich is merely reading a magazine......

Eating purloined rawhide....

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Graham & Prince said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - everyone's been so kind.

I've just read Watsons story from the beginning, and I feel for you so much. Almost all the worries, observations and concerns you have are familiar - I went through a similar rollercoaster with Prince. If I can do anything, or answer any questions (no matter how silly they may sound!) please let me know.

Watson looks like a great chap - and a lucky one to have such loving owners.

Prince and I are sending you all lots of love and strength as you go through such a tough time.

With love,

Graham & Prince