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Thursday, July 26, 2007


A few more bouts of colitis this morning, but Watson seems to have settled down. He just had a few beef jerky snacks and some water, and is resting on the dog bed in my office.

Our appointment with the oncologist at NEVOG is tomorrow so I need to drive to the vet in Holliston to get his chest x-rays before then. It's a 40 minute drive each way so I think I will take him with me. He's neither here nor there about car rides, but at least I can pull over if he needs to go #2. I don't want him stuck in house and needing to go. Horrible.

So I started writing down my questions for the onco tomorrow and I didn't realize I had so many. My biggest questions are about diet and nutrition. All this diarrhea can't be good for him, and even the local vet said Watson wasn't getting what he needed because of it. Of course, that sent me into a panic when I got off the phone. But there is so much info out there about supplements, etc. that I want to wait to see what the onco recommends. Until then, I hope the fiber burger continues to be a hit so that maybe Watson can have more comfortable BMs.

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