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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Smile, you're on vomit watch.

Watson's situation seems to change by the second... so we had a nice walk this morning... and we just walked to the mailbox and back to return The Host to NetFlix. (As an aside, I'm not sure what the big deal is about that movie. Boring.) His energy seemed good and all seemed well.

Since it was Noon-ish, I thought I would feed the boys some lunch. Watson's appetite has been off the charts these past few days so my heart sank when he didn't touch his food. I tried to give him his Pepcid wrapped in cheese, but he didn't want that either. Suddenly within the span of 15 minutes he seems tired and possibly ready to hurl. He was also gulping down large quantities of water.

I suspect that he may be experiencing some stomach upset from a stolen pork chew from last night. We give small ones to Waldo, similar to those pictured left but only about 2" long. Watson got his hands on a remnant last night around 7pm and just would not give it up. Watson has food aggressiveness, something we were unable to break him of since we adopted him so late in life. I try to pry things out of his mouth if it's hanging out, but once it's in, I would have to trade my finger for it. Considering I write for a living, I'd rather deal with vomit on the carpet than an injured finger. So, I am hoping that that's "all" - just some stomach upset. Keeping my fingers/toes/paws/eyes crossed that this incident isn't anything major.

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