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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You're right...

Okay, so I just called Dogma, the doggy day care place , and left a message. Lori's comment on the previous post about Waldo's neck just pushed me to call. Everyone keeps telling me to say something so I am. Hopefully they will at least call me back and tell me if they did indeed tie him up or use a bark collar on him. Either way, they should have called me. When I picked him up on Sunday, 10/21, all they said was the he had a good time and would sleep well that night (presumably from the tiredness of playing all day).

Today his neck is still red but many of the scabs have fallen off (see photo). The skin underneath is nice and pink, so hopefully the fur will grow back soon. Here is today's picture.

I am also emailing my colleague who recommended this place to me to let her know what has happened. I'm also sending the photos so she can see for herself. She has an American Pit Bull, so maybe her much sturdier dog doesn't have these problems at Dogma.


Anonymous said...

I've been bringing my 2 dogs there for over 2 years and one of them commonly has to have a bark collar to control his barking. I would rather he have a bark collar on than being asked to leave because of him being a problem barker. There are breeds that bark constantly I have a beagle (guilty for this behavior) Bassets are also known offenders. Waldo got a hot spot, thats it! He didn't get mauled by any dogs and he suffered no serious injuries. I too work as a vet tech and I've seen much worse come through the door from animals being in doggy daycare. You also mention that Waldo came home with bites and scratches from playing with other dogs IT'S DAYCARE!!! Do you pull children out if they catch a cold from another child? I wonder how many bites and scratches Waldo left on the dogs there? The dozen or so crates aren't there for dogs misbehaving, again this is you giving misinformation. Actually those crates are for daycare dogs that are dropped off before the shop opens and EXCELLENT benefit for people that have to be in work at 7 am like myself and also for when people have to pick up after hours, again another wonderful benefit I have used. Maybe some of the healthy changes you can make are to control his barking. Its your choice not to bring him back and thats fine. Just to clarify another bit of your misinformation about Dogma, you can contact via email you have to click on reservations and it has a field for you to fill out. So email away.

I'll be sure to pass along this blog to my other dogma friends MANY of which I have referred to post their thoughts good and bad on here. I will continue to bring my dogs to Dogma the staff is COMPASSIONATE, CARING and KNOWLEDGABLE and I trust them COMPLETELY. I recommend if your going to tell facts you make sure there accurate.

Anonymous said...

I have also used Dogma when I was still living up north. I know there are many daycare places that routinely use bark collars for the problem barkers. Why would you take your dog to daycare only to have him sit the whole day in a crate or run. That defeats the purpose of using daycare. My question to you is did your dog not pull you into Dogma. I know that my dog would pull me from the car to the door. The crates in the front room are for drop off and pickup only.

I have since moved away from MA and I have yet to find anywhere that is as affectionat and knowelegable as when we were Dogma clients.

Linda Seid Frembes said...

I am glad I have fostered a discussion here. The bottom line is that I did not know they used these collars. I don't like them and now that I know, then he won't go there. His neck injury cost me almost $100 at the vet. I don't need or want him to go through this every time they use a collar on him.

The point of all this is that if they had communicated with me, then I would have known. Period.

If you'd like to post here, then please at least sign your posts. It is easy to rant at me when you don't have to leave your name. I'd like to foster a discussion rather than have it turn into a nasty anonymous fight.

Thank you!