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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finding pet people

Ever since I started to blog, I've been surprised by the types of people who are "insane pet people" like me. I added the blog link to my business web site and to my email signature a while ago, and am always pleasantly surprised at the response. I wasn't sure if that was the right move as I always try to be the consummate freelance professional, and you never know what people think about silly dog blogs.

After Watson passed, I seriously wondered if I was going to continue the blog anyway. He was gone, so what was there to write about. My interest in canine cancer continues, as will the blog. I even registered a URL that also points to this blog (, so someday I will learn how to move the Blogger pages onto that domain. That will have to happen in my free time... whenever that will be.

As you know, I started feeding Waldo a raw diet in August, shortly after Watson passed. I was dismayed to hear about the recent Bravo raw food recall ( I suppose considering that it is raw meat, there will be recalls like these. Dry kibble is so over-processed that even the germs are processed out along with the vitamins and nutrients. I am still feeding him Nature's Variety, but have switched
to the patty form factor rather than the medallions. The patties are a tad cheaper and they fit into my freezer a bit easier. I can fit 36 days of patties (3 rolls) into the same footprint as 2 bags of medallions (96 medallions, or 11 days of food).


Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

I'm glad you're going to continue blogging - I always find your posts interesting and just like mine - sometimes sad, sometimes happy.

I've also been pleasantly surprised by the reaction and compassion I've had from people who I wouldn't necessarily have expected to be sympathetic to recent events. It renews your faith in human nature.

enoon said...

Ed Noon from BARF World ( it is exciting to hear that you made the switch to raw for Waldo. I am sure you will find it superior to dry kibble. Yes, recalls are a fact of life and we were sorry to hear of the Bravo recall as well. The salmonella is one thing, and very common in chicken/turkey, but it is the listeria that is frightening.
Keep up the good work.