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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Warrior Musashi is now an Angel

I am sad to note that Musashi, a Belgian Malinois from the Canine Cancer board, passed away on September 1st. Sashi was ill around the same time as Watson, and his mom Yukie and I traded emails and posts about hospital visits and ways to get our boys to eat.
Yukie and her husband Brendan were with him when he passed. As many of us already know, our dogs will tell us when it is time. Sashi's parents loved him enough to see the signs and to help him on his way.
The photo here was sent from his mom, who wanted us to see him in healthier times. I do love his innocent gaze after he had apparently emptied the trash can all over the floor. Rest in peace, Sashi. You fought the good fight.

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