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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Photo book

I've been gathering all my digital photos of Watson since his passing. I'd haphazardly stored them in folders all over my computer. Appropriately, I have a folder called "photo dump" where I just download all photos to one spot. I've gone through and now found every single photo and video I have of him. As I found some favorites and rediscovered others, I've been putting in multiple orders for prints to Shutterfly.

I'm procrastinating with my pile of work so I just started putting together his photo book with the photos I have already received. I picked up a small 4"x6" album on a recent shopping trip; small enough to put in my bag and carry it around with me. I've been struck a few times of wanting to see his face, but was usually out and about at the time. I do keep some wallet-sized photos with me, but that wasn't good enough.

I've shared most of my favorite photos on this site, but wanted to post a few more. Here are two that were snapped near the end of his life. The first is him trying to take toy away from Waldo as he slept; the second is his reflection in an old mirror I have propped in my office. I have plans to refinish the mirror and, in the meantime, it's hanging out in my office.

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