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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I know there was one more day to vote on Waldo's Halloween costume, but I ended it early. The chicken has won! Technically, it is a rooster costume. I found one at Target and couldn't resist buying it. I have not dressed him up in it yet since Rich is away this week. Canine costume humiliation is best shared, I think. When Waldo does finally don the rooster duds, I will try to take photos before he rips it to shreds.

On another note, I went for a job interview today for a part-time news producer position at I do enjoy working from my home office but sometimes feel I am missing out on a few things; namely (1) human interaction, and (2) exposure to new technology. Their offices are about an hour away by car but I think it will be worth the time and aggravation of commuting again. It is part-time "per diem", meaning sometimes there will be shifts and other times not. That is fine by me since my magazine deadlines are all planned in advance and I can juggle around the work during busy times. Thank goodness for this "global economy" where everyone works 24/7! =)

Taking this position may mean that Waldo gets to spend more time at daycare. He will love it since he has a basset hound girlfriend named Joad. Joad outweighs him by about 10-15 pounds and is a tri-color basset. When they are together, he does nothing but chase her around all day. Thankfully, he comes back home too tired to lift his head!


Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Good luck with the job!

Your previous post was great - I dread to think how I would have felt if finance had figured in my decisions regarding Princes treatment. Thankfully, he was insured to the hilt - as Tilly is now. I'm surprised that dog insurance isn't more prevalent in the US when health insurance for humans is so critical.

Melisa said...

Hi Linda,
I found your blog through Beverley Cuddy's blog. I am very sorry for your loss. I am putting a link to your blog on mine; I skimmed through your entries (will read every word in the next couple of days when I have time) and I think your documentation of your adorable guy's last days could be so helpful to others. Take care!

Melisa said...

Isn't doggie daycare GREAT??? I take my dog Roxie to Doggie Day Camp at the Petsmart Petshotel every now and then, and she absolutely loves it. And, because she is one of the loudest beagles I've ever heard in my life, I love that she comes home completely exhausted and QUIET. :)
I work part time outside of the house and so can't justify/have no need to send her there regularly, but we take her once every other week or so or if our family has a really busy weekend day or something. I wish I had come up with the idea. :)