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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Report: High chemical levels found in dogs and cats

There is a new report out today from the Environmental Working Group that found high levels of toxins in a small sampling of dogs and cats. To quote the report: They "found levels of brominated flame retardants (used in furniture, fabrics and electronics) in cats 23 times higher than in humans, and mercury levels (likely from fish in pet foods) five times higher. In dogs, levels of perfluorinated chemicals (from stain- and grease-proof coatings) were 2.4 times higher than in people. Overall, 35 chemicals in dogs and 46 in cats were found."

Why? They are still unsure but it is speculated that "Pets' high levels of exposure come about because they spend their days in direct contact with floors and the ground, where dust, dirt, chemicals and pesticides concentrate."

I've written about this concern before about greening our cleaners so that less toxins will be present in our house. I am so glad spring is here and have been opening the windows every afternoon to get some fresh air inside. Again I encourage anyone with pets to really think about what you use to clean your house. Anything that sprays becomes airborne and then settles on the floor where your dog or cat gets it on its paws and then ingests it. Also, please look at what you use to mop your floors since that has the same impact. Please be careful for you and your pet's health!

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Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Scary stuff. Like you, I'm obsessed with chemical cleaners and pollutants in the house now. Apart from fresh air, the only thing I used as an 'air freshener' is a vapouriser with organic essential oils. I've also flung virtually all my chemical cleaners out in favour of steam cleaning. Supposedly the 120 degree steam temperature santises fully, and the aesthetic results on hard floors, bathrooms etc.... is really good.

Linda Seid Frembes said...

Hello! Funny that you said that about steam cleaning. I've been reading up on that and was wondering how well it worked. Do you like your steamer? What brand/model did you buy? I am still mopping but with a natural cleaner with essential oils.

As for air freshener, I have never used commercial products. I will burn a soy candle now and then but that's about it.

DogBoy said...

Scary stuff - greener cleaners cannot hurt regardless :]

Fiona said...

That is scary. I don't use air freshners as such but I do use bleach etc. I would be really interested in a steamer to clean. I think I will start researching them. Graham, which one do you have?

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Mine's a Karcher SC1052. It's fantastic in terms of cleaning ability etc... but I couldn't recommend this particular model to anyone with a large house. The water tank isn't very big and you need to let it cool down before re-filling it, which can be very annoying! I think Karcher do models with much larger tanks, and two tanks so that you can re-fil without having to let it cool down. I'd recommend one of these.