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Monday, April 28, 2008

Clean bill of health (again)

Waldo went to his new vet this morning and received a clean bill of health. He had his annual checkup in January, but needed his kennel cough vaccine for daycare. He saw his new vet, Dr. Karen, so he got another once-over (without blood tests this time - much to his relief).

Besides his overly crooked left leg (as illustrated in this photo to the left), he doesn't have any major issues. She did warn me that keeping him slim and continuing him on joint supplements will help him in his old age. Arthritis in the leg will be a given; it's just a matter of when and how severe. What we do now will help him in the future.

Otherwise, things at home are fairly quiet.

Summer is here and Waldo grabs some sun every morning in the kitchen as we eat breakfast. He is such a cutie....

We've gotten him a few new treats: cow ears and a 24-inch bully stick. Yes, the stick is 2 feet long! It was like everlast candy since it took him days to consume. He was so happy to get it that he carried it around the house for a while.

Below, he enjoys a cow ear in my office.


DogBoy said...

Yay for Waldo!!! ...and his dog treats :]

Fiona said...

Oh Linda, what SUPER photos. He looks adorable. Why is his leg crooked?
Also loved the puss cat photo from wordless wednesday :o)