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Sunday, December 2, 2007

New daycare / Prozac nation

Waldo completed his first full day at Gibson Kennels. He did really well and tons of doggy fun. Prior to his arrival, I had received several printed handouts from Gibson that covered everything from basic info (pickup and dropoff times) to the daily schedule(play from 9am to 12pm, nap from 12-2pm and then more play until dark) and other FAQs. I have been impressed so far regarding their written communication. They also made sure I had a copy of the policy, which I thought was great attention to detail. The cost compared Dogma is the same (about $20 per day).

When I arrived to pick him up, I got another printed handout about "how to care for sore paws" with first aids tips. The daycare yard is mulched with stone so sometimes dogs with sensitive paws come home after their first day of playing with sore feet. Again, nice touch.

As for the second part of the title of this post, I now have my first official pet that has been put on Prozac. No, not Waldo. Peanut... the neurotic cat. I won't go into the details since this blog is supposed to be about doggy stuff, but let's just say that she is quite manic. The vet suggested a few weeks of Prozac to help with her transition. We'll see how that goes....


Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Happy dog and stressed cat - that's the order of things according to Tilly!

Fiona said...

Hi Linda, Glad Waldo is settling well, hope Peanut soon calms.
By the way, I have "tagged" you. Hope you don't mind? Rules are at my place if you'd care to visit...