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Saturday, January 5, 2008

We can't feel our feet!

It's been super cold here this past week. On Thursday, the high temp was 13 degrees F. Yikes! Waldo has very thin fur, so when it is cold and windy he has a very tough time. I've been in search of a coat or sweater for him, but his big chest and small neck/head make it difficult to fit him. Being the creative craftsperson that I am, I've begun to knit him a sweater. Considering how slow I am, it will be finished just in time for the Spring Thaw. ;)

In the meantime, we are all spending alot of time indoors due to nasty weather. He went to daycare on Friday and was able to run and go crazy. Gibson Kennels seems to be a good fit for him. There are 6 caretakers there during the day who play with the dogs and keep them stimulated. When one of us arrives to bring him home, he usually doesn't want to leave. We are boring, I guess. =(

All in all, I completed the clean-out of the treat cabinet. It good to see that you guys do check your treat labels. We had gotten rid of the bad pet food, but for some reason just hadn't paid attention to the treats. I had started giving Waldo the dried chicken breast treats but wasn't going overboard because they are relatively expensive ($6-$7 for a small bag). But I like the ingredients list of chicken and not much else.

Peanut likes the dried chicken too, and is quite aggressive about it. If she could, she would rip my fingers off to get them. Instead, she muscles her way in front of Waldo and stands in my lap to make sure she gets the first bite... and the second bite.... and the third bite. Obnoxious girl....

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