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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Makin' (dog) cookies

Okay, so I tend to get obsessive about certain activities. Like I wanted to learn how to knit, so a few years ago I spent all my free time teaching myself how to knit... and then going to knitting workshops... and reading knitting books. Most recently, I've been learning how to make bread at home sans electric bread maker. It's been a fun project, but clearly it is easier to knit a scarf than to bake a good loaf of bread.

An offshoot to this latest obsession is the quest for a good dog cookie recipe. I have an official taster (Waldo... and maybe Rich) and all the ingredients since I already make bread. I will start documenting my "makin' cookies" progress this weekend, along with which recipes worked or didn't work (and why).

If you have any links to a dog cookie recipe you've tried or want to try, let me know!


Lesley Rigby said...

Sorry I haven't got any dog cookie recipes. I only cook to stay alive - there isn't a lot of love connected to my cooking!
When it comes to bread Graham bakes the most wonderful bread using an electric bread maker. He even baked a loaf for Harvest Festival at the Church. The bread went to church but not Graham!!
I LOVE knitting and so I am with you there. A great way to own something beautiful in the colour of your choice and in the best quality fibre. Very rewarding.

HandH said...

There are some recipes here:

And here:

I've tried the liver cake one - I use slightly larger quantities, one pound flour, one pound liver, two eggs - and it's essential to wash out the blender as soon as you're done, it sets like concrete!