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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Would you clone your dog?

I saw this story today about a couple in Florida who paid $155,000 USD to have their dog cloned! Their dog had died of cancer and, since he held such a special place in their hearts, they had him cloned. It got me thinking as to whether I would have done that for/to Watson, and I am unsure of the answer.

This couple had their dog's DNA frozen prior to his illness. But doesn't that mean that Cloned Dog would have the same genetic disposition to cancer as Original Dog? It would be heartbreaking to have the new dog die in the same horrible way.

So, would you have your dog cloned? Thoughts?


Lesley Rigby said...

Prince wasn't my dog but I loved him just as much as if he had have been. I couldn't bear to think of the pain it would cause me to "see" Prince, but it would be like seeing him in a mirror and never really having him at all. Environment, life experience and so many other things come in to the making of a dog's character and it could never be him. I told him so many times that he was a "One off" and he really was. I would just love to hold a clone of his and feel that wiry body again, sniff that wonderful scent between his ears, but it would destroy me.

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Definitely not. My first reaction would be to jump at the chance, but I think the reality would be heartbreaking. If I had cloned Prince, I can't thinking of anything more upsetting than having another dog that looked identical to him, but had a very different personality. It sounds like a recipe for psychological problems to me!

Anyway, I hope you and Waldo are well...