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Monday, December 8, 2008

Studies show dogs have sense of fairness

I was smiling today when I came upon this story about a recent study that showed dogs do know when a situation is unfair. Per the article:

Dogs, like people and monkeys, seem to have a sense of fairness.

"Animals react to inequity," said Friederike Range of the University of Vienna, Austria, who lead a team of researchers testing animals at the school's Clever Dog Lab. "To avoid stress, we should try to avoid treating them differently."

When Waldo first joined our home, he was quite an obnoxious pup. He was always muscling in on Watson's space, stealing his toys, eating his treats, etc. I always tried to make sure Watson still knew he was my baby, especially after he got sick. Well, I wasn't always successful. The photo below is one of my absolute favorites. You can see the look on Watson's face (right):

Most certainly there were thoughts of unfairness running through his head.

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Lesley Rigby said...

Hi there!
Have a really Happy Christmas. Watson will be there with you despite being out of sight - he will no doubt give you a sign in some way!
Love Lesley xx