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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A photo rediscovered

I don't often lose things - material objects like wallets, keys, etc. - but when I do, I've been known to send a little prayer to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost or stolen articles. The best occurrence, though, is when you find something that you never knew you lost - like this photo below:

I found this photo on our new-ish digital camera totally by accident. The camera has built-in memory in addition to whatever size memory card you stick into it. I had the removable memory card stuck into my computer to download some photos from the weekend, when I turned on the camera and saw this photo. Apparently the camera reads from the memory stick by default, so I had forgotten about the photos still left in the camera itself.

I know this photo isn't much, but it's nice to see my boy again. This photo was taken in my office. Watson is on his green bed with a heating pad laid over the top of it. We started giving him a heating pad in the winter since his bones were getting more creaky and the New England winters weren't helping.

Oh, how I still miss him.....


Lesley Rigby said...

A familiar angle you must have seen him in many times and no doubt warmed with love just at the sight of him. I can understand how much this photo means to you.

HandH said...

It's funny, I sometimes think it's as if they send us reminders on purpose. When my parents had a new boiler installed, they found toys belonging to a cat who had died years ago, who liked to keep his favourite things somewhere safe... Watson kept that one back for you.

Fiona said...

It hurts doesn't it Linda? But we would never have had it any other way would we?