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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Waldo's one year anniversary!

365 short days ago, Waldo joined our household. He was adopted at the age of 8 months from my vet, who had taken him into her home from a pet store who could no longer sell him (due to suspected health issues and his advancing age).

Turns out he was just fine; but with 2 dogs already in her pack, my vet asked if we'd be interested in adopting him as a little brother for Watson. I only promised to drive over to her house to meet him, but once I met him... there was no turning back. In less than an hour, he was stuffed into a small crate in the back of my car and we were headed home. The first photo was taken on March 10, 2007, a day after joining our brood.

I will always be thankful that Waldo and Watson had a few months together to bond before Watson got sick. I am sure that Waldo was nothing less of a nuisance to him, but the Old Man taught him manners in a way that we could not.

Here is a photo of Waldo overstepping his boundaries and trying to sleep in the Old Man's bed.

Finally, here is Waldo doing his best "angel face" as he is caught stealing an apple from the bin. Little did we know that we would see this face often over the next year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you for your post this past week. I'm sorry to hear about Watson's own battle with lymphoma. It's so nice to be connected with others who have gone through the same thing, even though what has brought us to each other is a sad event. I look forward to checking in with you on Waldo.

Happy Anniversary Waldo!

Take care,

DoGGa said...

That's one cool hound!!!

Glad he went to such a nice home :]

Lesley Rigby said...

Happy Anniversary to a "Special Boy"! I hope there were smiles all day and no barking!! Kisses and Loves from the U.K.

Fiona said...

Happy Anniversary Waldo! And what a beautiful boy he is. I bet Watson did appreciate him being around although he probably didn't let on.

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

I'm late as ever, but happy anniversary Waldo!! He's such a lovely little chap, and I particularly like the picture of him with Watson. It reminds me of another one you posted some time ago, of Watson giving him a withering look for 'crowding' him on another occassion!