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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Green cleaning, revisited

I was in the car yesterday and happened to catch an NPR segment about Clorox entering the green cleaning market (listen to the segment here at Even though the green cleaner market is very small, it is a fast-growing segment of the overall market. As you all know, I have been doing my best to green up our household for a while now.

According to the Clorox web site, Green Works cleaners are not tested on animals and use recyclable packaging. The packaging looks eco-friendly with green liquid and a giant yellow daisy on the label. However, there are a few things that strike me as being a bit off about these products.

1) They do not disclose the ingredients. According to the NPR story, Clorox will not disclose the ingredients for several reasons. A look on their web site also comes up empty. As I said in this post, I don't use cleaning products without an ingredients list.

2) It is not made from post-consumer recycled plastic. You would think that a large, wealthy, multinational company like Clorox would have the resources to use recycled plastic in their packaging! Perhaps that can be a next step for them.

3) As a selling point, lists "Powerful natural cleaners that work as well as conventional cleaners." This perpetuates the myth that natural cleaners do not work very well. I disagree totally; in fact, some of the best cleaners (like ammonia and water, or baking soda) are considered natural cleaners.

I am a fan of seventh generation, method and Mrs. Meyers cleaners. If you want to clean up your house without creating a toxic environment for you and your pets, please check them out*!!!

*Note: I do not benefit in any way by referring people to these companies.


Lesley Rigby said...

Hi Linda,
I am totally with you on the power of natural cleaners. I swear by Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar.
If I do use the chemical sprays (and I admit I do at times), I always pour some of the ingredients onto a sponge rather than spray them. Often the spray used to leave me with sore eyes or a bad cough. You can't buy these cleaners in screw top bottles only sprays. I know what you are thinking - yes I shouldn't buy them at all.......

Linda Seid Frembes said...

I'll never judge you for using commercial cleaners. Sometimes there is no other option, or it is just a hard habit to break. At least you are not spraying them! Every little effort counts, at least in my book.